Nap Porn

If you can’t be napping, you might as well be fantasizing about it.

When: Friday the 13th.
Where: A patch of remote woods.
Why: Some call it creepy, you call it sleepy.
When: A month into fall.
Where: The Center for Summer Withdrawals. 
Why: You’ll learn to embrace Autumn one nap at a time.
When: You read the map wrong.
Where: A fairy rest stop. 
Why: Perfection is a myth.
When: In transition.
Where: Between a rock and a soft place. 
Why: Home is where your heart naps. 
When: Pondering nature vs. nurture.
Where: Your thinking hut.
Why: Nurture won.
When: Golden hour.
Where: 50 miles outside the city.
Why: Paradise is always worth the drive.
When: Looking for sheep to count.
Where: Your crate escape.
Why: If you build it, they will come.
When: Hanging out.
Where: A homemade cloud.
Why: Your body wants to join your head.
When: The last day of vacation.
Where: Home away from home.
Why: If you dream a memory it lasts longer.
When: Ordinary just won’t cut it.
Where: Far from humdrum.
Why: "A" stands for "Affluence."